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er rock

ds lite.

Posted on 2006.07.19 at 11:39
Musique actuelle: melt banana
gabe is about to stop by, I'm making lunch for us.

i'm so happy, he's buying me a DS lite..I sold my orginial ds to the little kid i babysit...(she paid me in 50 one's from her piggy bank) I felt slightly gulity.

Tao's adventure on DS is awesome....I highly recommend it. It's all about monster eggs, casting spells and pissing neighbors off...

today I have the day off of work but still babysit at 5pm (oh well i need cash)

Oh for anyone interested, a bunch of us are going to the DEAD MEADOW concert next monday night at the Lager house downtown...let me just say it is also dollar drink night on everything...

let me know if you want to join my gang...i'm driving too.

peace out homies

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